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Development History of Balanced Elliptical Shakers

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1612

The balanced elliptical motion vibrating screen was applied in 1992. It is the fourth type of motion of the drilling fluid vibrating screen. In this kind of motion, the elliptical axis is inclined to the direction of the vibrating screen outlet. The balanced elliptical vibrating screen is powered by a pair of relatively eccentric heavy shafts of different masses. The two vibrators rotating relative to each other form an angle (Figure 7.14). The ratio of the ellipse parameters (long axis divided by the short axis) is determined by the angle between the vibrators and the mass difference between the two parallel vibrators.
Increasing the short axis angle or increasing the angle between the vibrators will form a wider elliptical surface, which will reduce the solid-phase transmission capacity. Compared with a thinner elliptical surface with a ratio of 3.5 and a thicker elliptical surface with a ratio of 1.7, the former has a worse solid-phase transmission capacity, but the longer the screen life. If the downward tilt direction of the balanced elliptical trajectory shaker is the same as the direction of the discharge port, that is, similar to the linear shaker, it can effectively remove slime.
Increasing the physical size of these elements will increase the area of the screen, so that the number of screen meshes allowed to be used is finer than that of other track-moving vibrating screen meshes.
In the design of traditional unbalanced elliptical motion screens and circular motion screens, only part of the power is used to transport the cuttings in the correct direction of the discharge port. The balanced elliptical vibrating screen transfers the solid phase in a similar way to the linear vibrating screen, that is, the solid phase is transferred to the end of the discharge port. Through cyclic vibration, the balanced elliptical vibrating screen provides a force conducive to solid phase transmission.
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