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Mud purification system sent to customer site

Release time: 2017/06/17 Ai Yi NewsViews : 3327

In June, the customized mud purification system was delivered on time and sent to the customer site.

The ordered mud purification system is mainly used in non-excavation construction fields to solve the problem of mud storage and recycling at the construction site.
The customer's order of mud purification system is as follows:
1. Mud tank: 2 sets, 100m³
2. Vibrating screen: one, Hunter-MG3
3. Mud cleaner : one, Hunter-120
4. Sand pump: 2 sets, AP6X5-14
5. Jet mixing device: 1 set, APSH150-35
6. Stirrer: 5 sets, APMA7.5
7. Mud gun: 5 pieces, NJQ50

Mud purification equipment

Mud purification equipment

As a professional manufacturer of mud solid control equipment, mud non-falling equipment and oily sludge treatment equipment manufacturers, Ai Machinery is looking forward to your inspection.

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