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Customized drilling fluid sand pumps for foreign customers

Release time: 2015/11/20 Ai Yi NewsViews : 2055

Sand pump
Customized drilling fluid sand pumps by foreign customers have been shipped. This product uses the double electrode motor of China Shipbuilding Industry. The advantage of this motor is that it has two different electrode frequency bands and can be used in a variety of voltage environments. And it can be changed freely, and it can also strengthen the protection of the circuit. Secondly, the compact body of the drilling fluid sand pump and reasonable design space make installation very convenient. At the same time, it has been recognized by many partners. Batch drilling fluid cleaners are also being carefully produced.
There are five models of SB series sand pumps: SB6 ″ 8 ″, SB5 ″ 6 ″, SB4 ″ 5 ″, SB3 ″ 4 ″ and SB2 ″ 3 ″. Model SB6 ″ 8 ″ can be equipped with 45kW, 55kW, and 75kW motors. There are 6 specifications of forward and reverse pumps according to user requirements. Model SB5 ″ 6 ″ is equipped with 22kW, 30kW, 37kW, 45kW motors and 4 reverse pumps. specification. Model SB4 ″ 5 ″ is equipped with 15kW and 22kW motors and has two specifications of reverse pump. Model SB3 ″ 4 ″ is equipped with 11kW and 15kW motors and has two specifications of reverse pump. Model SB2 ″ 3 ″ is equipped with 4kW and 5.5kW motors and has two specifications of reverse pump. The first two pump types have universal seals. All the appearance and installation dimensions of the reverse pump are basically the same as those of the forward pump, except that the volute discharge pipe, the forward pump is on the left, and the reverse pump is on the right (viewed from the suction side).
Sand pump SB6 ″ 8 ″ is recommended for use with rigs above 3200m, and sand pump SB5 ″ 6 ″ is recommended for use with rigs below 2500. The seal of SB series sand pump adopts mechanical seal and compound seal. The compound seal is a secondary impeller, a special polyurethane skeleton oil seal and a rectangular asbestos packing packing seal. After use, the SB series sand pump has a reliable seal and convenient maintenance. SB series sand pump shaft seal is lubricated with grease; the bearings are lubricated with oil. There are grease nipples on the bearing caps at both ends of the bearing, and the bearings can also be lubricated with butter. The SB series sand pump has been used for two years in the winter of northern Canada and the summer of Alaska in the United States under extremely climatic conditions. The results show that apart from the normal replacement of seals, other maintenance costs are very small.

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