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Research and Analysis of Reliability of Drilling Fluid Solid Control System

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1451

Drilling fluid-solid control technology is the key to ensure the implementation of normal drilling technology. It has become an important factor that directly affects safe, high-quality, fast drilling and protection of oil and gas formations. Let's introduce the research on solid control system. The main contents of the study are as follows:
Based on research and collection of a large amount of relevant data, based on careful analysis and research of the data, analyze the advantages of the existing solid control system, and determine the overall design of the "drilling fluid solid phase control system";
Analyze and compare the working principle, purification principle, and scope of use of solid control equipment at home and abroad, calculate parameters according to actual requirements, and select solid control equipment;
Determine the process flow of the drilling fluid solid phase system, the layout of the field equipment, and establish a drilling fluid solid control process that meets the production requirements;
Through field tests, collect samples and conduct particle size analysis of solid phase content in the laboratory;
Field experiment personnel collected data on the key equipment in the solid control system: drilling fluid shaker, drilling fluid sand eliminator, desilter, and drilling fluid centrifuge. Frequent parts, the most common failure mode of the equipment, the most likely cause of the failure;
Aimed at the entire drilling fluid solid control system, based on probability theory and mathematical statistics, and the distribution rules and digital characteristics of each random variable, the software was used to simulate and analyze the data, and the system was subjected to reliability prediction analysis to calculate the system's reliable indicators . Solid control system.
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