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Development direction of mud solid phase system

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1572

Simplification and optimization of solid control system:
Field experiments show that using a new two-stage solid control system consisting of a high-efficiency drilling fluid vibrating screen and a variable-frequency drilling fluid centrifuge can save drilling fluid sand remover and desilter, and the energy saving effect is obvious. It can also adopt graded filtration technology to completely change the existing solid control system and eliminate the need to remove sand and desilter equipment. The vacuum filtration method can even eliminate the drilling fluid vibrating screen, greatly simplify the solid control system, reduce the load of the generator team of the well, optimize the configuration of mud tanks, reduce the number of excessive and excessive mud tanks, and increase the number of reserve tanks, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of solid control. , Shorten the processing time and increase the safety of drilling.
First degassing and then screening:
At present, the drilling fluid returned from the wellhead first passes through the drilling fluid shaker, and then during the screening process, a large amount of gas overflows, which not only increases the danger of drilling fluid shaker screening, but also seriously damages the physical health of the operator. . The specially designed deaerator is set in the first place, and the drilling fluid returned from the wellhead is first degassed, which can reduce the gas content of the drilling fluid, reduce the harm of harmful gases to the human body, and reduce the occurrence of accidents.
Change part processing to full processing:
At present, drilling fluid vibrating screen is the only solid control equipment that performs full processing of drilling fluid, and plays a very important role in improving the solid phase control level of drilling fluid. Due to the limited processing capacity of the differential sand remover, desilter and centrifuge, the following stages of purification are often part of the operation, and some drilling fluids directly enter the lower-level compartment through the drilling fluid tank without being treated.
The site only improved the quality of solid control by increasing the number of drilling fluid processing cycles. In fact, each cycle only partially processes the drilling fluid. Increasing the number of cycles can increase the proportion of treated drilling fluid, but it reduces the processing efficiency, wastes a lot of energy, and has low solid control efficiency.
By changing to other processing methods, such as the use of ultra-fine drilling fluid vibrating screens or new filtering machinery, the processing capacity can be increased to achieve full processing, which can better ensure the performance of some advanced downhole tools and increase the rate of mechanical drilling.
Solid control equipment combination

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