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Summary of design factors for tandem drilling fluid shaker system design

Release time: 2015/10/27 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1517

In the previous section, we introduced three basic design factors for tandem drilling fluid vibrating screens: independent equipment separated from each other, combined equipment with multiple vibration forms, and combined equipment with a single vibration form. Today Ai Machinery will tell you one by one.
1. Independent devices separated from each other:
Separate equipment from each other is to install the coarse-scale mesh screen (elliptical or circular motion) above the linear drilling fluid vibrating screen, and the drilling fluid passing through the coarse-level mesh screen flows into the storage tank of the linear vibrating screen. . This combination must take into account screen line size and potential hydraulic head loss to avoid drilling fluid overflow or loss. This design has the advantages that the screen surface is easy to observe and convenient for maintenance when the site permits, and the total drilling cost is reduced due to the use of additional equipment.
2. A variety of vibration forms into combined equipment:
This design installs two separate separation systems on a skid to form a complete processing facility. Usually, a circular, oval or linear drilling fluid shaker is installed above a linear shaker, and then installed on a skid together. The main advantage of this design is that it can reduce installation costs and save space. However, the fluid flow inside the unit requires a manifold and lift pump between the two separate units, and the screen surface is difficult to observe and maintain.
3. Combination equipment with single vibration:
The design usually adopts a linear vibrating screen, and a coarse-level protective screen is installed on the upper part of the vibrating frame. The lower vibrating bed is composed of fine mesh screen, streamlined mud vibrating screen and an upper mesh screen. This upper mesh screen has a smaller size and uses a coarse mesh screen. Compared with other types of tandem system designs, this design can significantly reduce the height of the baffle plate for drilling fluid from the inlet to the upper screen surface. However, due to the slope of the upper coarse mesh screen, the observation and maintenance of the fine mesh screen are limited.

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