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Tutorial of Drilling Fluid Vibrating Screen Power System (3)

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1506

Most rig generator sets provide power at 460VAC / 60Hz, so most drilling fluid vibrating screens are designed to work under this dynamic condition. However, there are still many generator sets designed for 380VAC / Hz. In order to ensure proper g-factors at 50Hz, drilling fluid shaker manufacturers use methods that increase stroke length or use voltage / frequency converters.
A 50Hz motor provides a speed of 1500r / min, a 0.09in stroke, and a g-factor of 2.9. Increasing the stroke length to 0.13in will increase the g factor to 4.1, which is the same as the design at 60Hz. Longer strokes and slower speeds can result in different solid phase separation capabilities and transmission capabilities. The longer the stroke, the more solid phases the drilling fluid vibrating screen can separate, and the stronger the liquid phase processing capacity. Other manufacturers did not increase the stroke, but used a transformer to change 380VAC / 50Hz to 460VAC / 60Hz.
For example, a drilling fluid vibrating screen with a design g factor of 4 has a certain exclusion angle and a stroke of 0.09 in. This drilling fluid vibrating screen must be vibrated at a speed of 1750 r / min to maintain a g factor of 4.1. This speed can be reached at 60Hz, but if the frequency is reduced to 55Hz, the motor speed will be reduced to 1650r / min and the g factor will be reduced to 3.5. If the frequency continues to decrease to 50Hz, the motor speed will be reduced to 1500r / min, g The factor was reduced to 2.9.
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