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Tutorial of Drilling Fluid Vibrating Screen Power System (2)

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1426

Vibration motor is an important component of drilling fluid shaker. Today we will talk about the importance of vibration motor in the use of drilling fluid shaker:
1. The screen of the drilling fluid vibrating screen vibrates. The drilling fluid passes through the surface of the screen, and the solid phase remains on the surface and is transported to the exclusion port for removal. The vibration effect is described by the g factor, or the angular displacement of the screen and the square of the rotational speed. When an eccentric object rotates, the screen surface produces an angular displacement. Generally, the g factor of the drilling fluid shaker is designed to a fixed value to match the stroke value at a specific speed. Therefore, any factor that affects speed will affect the g factor, which will directly affect the vibration speed and the overall performance of the drilling fluid shaker.
2. Decreasing the speed of the motor will result in a decrease in the g factor and a low separation and conveying capacity. Increasing the speed will lead to an increase in the g factor and increase the separation and conveying capacity, but it may damage the machine and accelerate the screen damage. In some extreme cases, too high speed will destroy the structure of drilling fluid shaker. Therefore, it is very important to provide a normal power source for the shaker.
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