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Tutorial of Drilling Fluid Vibrating Screen Power System (1)

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1588

The most common source of power for drilling fluid shakers comes from the power generation system of the wellsite rig. The power of the rig must provide a stable voltage and frequency to all electrical equipment. Most rig generator sets are 460V alternating current (AC), 60Hz, three-phase; or 380VAC, 50Hz, three-phase. Other common voltages are 230VAC, 190VAC, 575VAC. Through a transformer or other controller, the power source can provide a range of power to match the power requirements of different rigs.
The motor and starting device of the drilling fluid vibrating screen must match the output voltage of the rig generator set. Most of the motors are double-wound coils, so they can be used for two sets of voltage and starting devices. For example: 230 / 460VAC motor and 190 / 380VAC motor. The dual-winding motor enables the drilling fluid vibrating screen to be used even when the power source is single-phase, but care must be taken to maintain a stable voltage, because the rotor speed of the electric motor is designed to a certain value, for example: the rotor speed at 60Hz is 1800r / min The rotor speed at 50Hz is 1500r / min.
Side view of drilling fluid shaker

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