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Drilling fluid linear vibrating screen operation details

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1402

Linear vibration can allow the angle of the vibration surface to change up and down with a maximum amplitude of + 6 ° (this amplitude affects the dwell time and thus indirectly affects the vibratory screen removal ability). This change caused the end of the streamline of the drilling fluid vibration screen The pooling of liquid phases creates a positive liquid phase pressure, which helps drive the solid and liquid phases through a finer screen. The screen surface of most linear vibrating screens is designed to be adjustable, and the maximum adjustable range is + 6 °. In some cases, the vibrating bed should also be designed so that it can be tilted downward to solve the problem when encountering slime. These movements of the vibrating bed are performed by mechanical, hydraulic or mechanical hydraulic power systems. Certain components can also be adjusted while running.
The drilling fluid linear vibrating screen can be transported upwards, which allows the use of finer mesh screens. A finer screen can remove finer particles in the drilling fluid. Therefore, a linear vibrating screen using a fine screen can better maintain the drilling fluid performance, and can improve the next level of solid control equipment such as cyclone sand remover and Solid-liquid separation efficiency of drilling fluid centrifuge. When the sieve surface is tilted too severely, the solid phase on the sieve surface will be repeatedly ground, which will increase the solid phase content in the drilling fluid.
When the linear vibrating screen is applied, sometimes the role of other solid control equipment (such as desilter) is often ignored, which is incorrect. Although the vibrating screen can achieve solid-liquid separation in a short time application, solid-phase analysis, effluent analysis of other separation equipment, and particle size distribution analysis have proved that other solid control equipment is essential. Therefore, the linear vibrating screen cannot replace the complete solid control system.
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