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Desander and desilter applications

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Both the sand remover and the mud remover consist of a set of hydrocyclone and a small ultra-fine mesh vibrating screen that handles the underflow of the cyclone and recovers drilling fluid. The sand remover is used to remove solid particles from 30 to 74 μm, and the mud remover is used to remove solid particles from 10 to 30 μm. The particle size D50 in the cyclone is not only related to the structural size of the cyclone, but also to the drilling fluid concentration, density and inlet pressure.
In order to meet the requirements for processing all drilling fluids, the sand remover and desilter must consist of several swirl cones. In order to ensure the normal operation of the cyclone, the inlet pressure must be maintained in the range of 0.25 ~ 0.35MPa. Due to the large number of swirl cones and long pipelines, the inlet pressure of the desilter should be larger; because of the fewer swirl cones and short pipelines, the sand inlet should have a smaller value. The size of the inlet pressure mainly depends on whether the sand pump is reasonable. Therefore, the choice of the sand pump is very important. The head of the sand pump is usually about 4OmH2O, and the displacement can be equal to the capacity of the sand remover and desilter , You can meet the use requirements. At the same time, the maximum displacement of the drilling pump must be referenced when selecting the sand remover and mud remover in order to achieve a reasonable match. There is no strict limit on the use time of these two types of equipment. Generally, when drilling shallow and soft formations, the content of large-scale drilling cuttings in the drilling fluid is high, and both of them must be used at the same time. When drilling and hard formations, if The fine mesh shaker can directly use the desilter to process drilling fluid, which has little effect on the purification quality of the drilling fluid and is very economical.
In modern drilling fluid processing systems, the use of cyclones is decreasing, mainly due to:
1. The vibrating screen technology is advanced and the processing range is expanded. The fine screen used can remove finer particles and can completely replace the sand remover.
2. The separation performance of the cyclone is greatly affected by the density and viscosity of the drilling fluid.
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