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Customer-defined solid control equipment has been shipped

Release time: 2015/10/28 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1482

On October 10, the custom-made sand eliminator, desilter and sand pump have been shipped from our company.

Sand pump

Sand pump ready to ship

This custom sand pump requires interchangeability with Brandt. This sand pump is driven by a motor through a belt pulley and driven by a belt to achieve the purpose of drilling fluid delivery. This sand pump has the advantages of simple structure, space saving and strong operability.
Finished desilter

Desilter without underflow screen


Drilling fluid sand remover without underflow screen

The requirements of the customer-made sand remover and desilter can be interchanged with those of Brandt. The biggest difference with domestically produced sand removers and desilters is that domestically produced sand removers and desilter have underflow shakers. The custom ones are not.
The customer-customized equipment has undergone a series of tests such as pressure test and sealing in our company, and all of them have met the customer's requirements and passed the inspection and acceptance.
Our company is a professional solid control equipment manufacturer with independent research and development and production, with professional design and production personnel and high efficiency, high quality, high quality production and production personnel. Our company can also copy well-known brands at home and abroad according to customer requirements, such as: Brandt, Swaco, Derrck and other solid control equipment

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