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Mud cleaners sent abroad

Release time: 2016/01/14 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1987

Two Hunter-320 mud cleaners for foreign customers have been produced and ready for shipment.

Hunter-320 Mud Cleaner is a solid control equipment specially produced by Ai Machinery for ZJ50 solid control system. The main feature of the Hunter-320 mud cleaner is its large capacity and the ability to process 320 cubic meters of drilling fluid per hour.
The mud cleaner is composed of several parts, such as a sand removal unit, a mud removal unit, an underflow screen unit, and an explosion-proof electric control. It is also called a three-in-one drilling fluid cleaner and sand removal and mud removal. The mud cleaner is in the second stage of the solid control system. In front of it is a drilling fluid shaker and behind it is a drilling fluid centrifuge. The mud cleaner is supplied by a sand pump (drilling fluid). Due to the combined functions of sand removal and mud removal, compared to the traditional sand remover and mud remover configuration, the mud cleaner has a small footprint and is relatively more competitive in price.
Hunter-320 Mud Cleaner's solid phase removal range is between 74 microns and 15 microns, so in the middle and shallow drilling stage, the construction requirements can be achieved without using the subsequent drilling fluid centrifuge.

Hunter-320 mud cleaner main parameters
model Throughput Desilting cyclone Desanding cyclone
Hunter320 320m³ / h 100 (4in ') × 16 250 (8in ') × 3
Working pressure Separation point Underflow screen model Vibration trajectory
0.25 ~ 0.45 MPa 15μm ~ 74μm Hunter-M series Straight or translational ellipse
Excitation machine speed Dimensions weight Remark
1800rpm 2600 × 1800 × 2200 2350kg 4 ″ cyclone = 12 ~ 15m3 / h, 8 ″ cyclone = 30 ~ 35m3 / h, 10 ″ cyclone = 90 ~ 120m3 / h
Cyclone can be configured according to customer throughput requirements
Mud cleaner

Mud cleaners waiting to be shipped

Aiyi Machinery is a professional manufacturer and design of solid control equipment. The hunter series drilling fluid vibrating screen and mud cleaner designed and manufactured by our company are stable in operation, reasonable in structure, large in capacity and easy to maintain, and are welcomed by customers. If you are interested, please call. Tel: 029-63611978

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