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The company's solid control equipment is ready to be shipped

Release time: 2015/10/29 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1624

Recently, a batch of solid control equipment customized by our customers has been completed and ready for delivery.
The customer-customized equipment this time includes high-frequency mud drying screens for mud floor-less systems, mud guns for cleaning dead ends of mud tanks, and screens that are interchangeable with shakers such as DERRICK and SWACO.

The high-frequency mud shaker is mainly used in the mud non-landing treatment system, which has the advantages of large excitation force, large processing capacity, and easy operation.

Drying shaker

Drying shaker before shipment

This time, the mud gun produced by our company adopts a single nozzle at the request of the customer, which can be rotated 360 °, and can effectively clean the dead corner in the mud tank.
Mud gun

Mud gun before delivery

The screens produced by Aiyi can be interchanged with the screens of well-known foreign brands (such as Derek, Blount, etc.).

Vibrating screen

Mud shaker screen

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