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Aiike popular science-composition of drilling fluid shaker

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The main components of the drilling fluid shaker are shown in Figure 7.3. The storage tank at the rear of the drilling fluid shaker is used to receive the drilling fluid from the overflow pipe. The drilling fluid flows through the overflow hole and is dispersed on the surface of the screen cloth. Vibration facilitates removal of the solid phase. The vibration frame is supported by a vibration isolating unit below. There are three types of vibration isolating unit: coil spring, air cushion or stone floating support. The vibration isolation unit is supported on a skid, and under the vibration frame, there is a collection tray for collecting drilling fluid flowing through the screen and returning to the drilling fluid circulation system.
The function of drilling fluid shaker is affected by the form of vibration, the stroke length of the screen frame and the speed of the motor. The axial vibration direction and amplitude of the screen surface are determined by the installation position and vibration direction of the vibration frame below the screen surface. There are many types of vibrating frame products and vibrating screen products. The screens can be installed obliquely (see Figure 7.4A, B, E, F) or horizontally (see Figure 7.4C, D). If installed obliquely, the screen can be tilted up or down on the vibrating frame. The vibrating frame can be installed horizontally or can be installed at a fixed or adjustable angle. Then it swings up and down.
In inclined screen surface combination equipment (series or parallel), the screen surface can be a complete, continuous screen (see Figure 7.4A and E), or it can be two or more separate screens. The structure (see Figures 7.4B and F) can also be composed of multiple screens with different inclination (see Figures 7.4G and H). In the composite screen combination equipment, the drilling fluid first flows through the upper screen surface and then to the lower screen surface (see Figure 7.4B, F and H).
Composition of drilling fluid shaker

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