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Summary of Tandem Drilling Fluid Shaker System

Release time: 2015/10/27 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1445

The tandem drilling fluid shaker system uses two sets of mud shakers: one for removing large particles of clay and the other for removing small particles of solid phase. It is mainly used for rapid surface drilling or drilling in shale layers. This system is mainly suitable for processing drilling fluids with high solid phase concentration. High solid phase concentrations of drilling fluids often occur when large boreholes are drilled or a large amount of clay is returned to the ground.
Due to the use of a high-performance linear mud shaker and a balanced oval drilling fluid shaker, it is possible to apply API 200 mesh separation screens in a series of fine screens. This is especially important when drilling with large circulation and high solids content. In the deep well phase, the fluid velocity and solid phase content of the drilling fluid are gradually reduced. The coarse mesh screen can only be used as a safety facility. At this time, the mesh size of the coarse mesh can only be API 10 mesh to prevent the drilling fluid from flowing in a straight line. Disperse the solid phase before shaking the screen. If the fine-mesh screen of the linear vibrating screen can handle the solid phase and drilling fluid on all screen surfaces, then there is no need to use a tandem system and a coarse screen. Although the fine-mesh screen of the linear vibrating screen can handle all drilling fluids, in practice, coarse-grade protective screens are used. The meshes of these coarse screens are generally API 10 to API 12 mesh to protect the drilling fluid vibrating screen. Fine mesh screen. If a fine mesh screen is used on the coarse screen, it will result in a reduction of solid phase separation on the coarse screen and the main drilling fluid shaker.
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