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Introduction of drilling fluid shaker tandem system

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1447

I. Principle of tandem drilling fluid shaker:
The tandem system uses a set of drilling fluid vibrating screens, which specialize in processing particles and slimes with large particle diameters in the drilling fluid, while another set of drilling fluid vibrating screens handles solid phases with small particle diameters.
Development History of Tandem Drilling Fluid Shaker:
The first series system was used in the mid-1980s. Before the drilling fluid enters the main screen of the fine mesh screen, install a coarse screen to accept the drilling fluid returned from the bell mouth and remove slime or larger particles. This series system is directly mounted on a double-layer circular motion shaker by a single-layer elliptical motion shaker. This combination is particularly effective for drilling applications on offshore platforms with large amounts of soil and gold. However, due to technical constraints at the time, only API 80 to API 120 mesh screens could be used, thereby reducing the overall application effect.
Third, the advantages of laminated drilling fluid shaker:
The advantage of the laminated vibrating screen is that it can reduce the solid phase load on the lower fine mesh screen, which not only increases the processing capacity of the vibrating screen, but also reduces the loss of screen usage. However, under certain drilling conditions, the vibrating screen may exceed the expected processing capacity, and the solid phase can return to the diameter of the vibrating screen opening in the drilling fluid circulation system, thereby making up for the loss of drilling fluid at the end of the vibrating screen.
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