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Ai Yi teaches you how to choose drilling fluid shaker

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1439

Drilling sites must generally be equipped with at least one drilling fluid shaker. The purpose of drilling fluid shaker and other solid-phase removal equipment is the same, both to reduce drilling costs. Drilling operations usually require limiting the content and size of the total solid phase of the drilling fluid. The drilling fluid shaker can remove large solid phases from the drilling fluid returned to the ground. If these solid phases remain in the drilling fluid, it will cause many Drilling issues.
The first decision is whether to use a slime slip conveyor or a slime cleaner, which must be considered when drilling into new rock formations. Secondly, consider whether you need to use a coarse mesh screen. When a lot of cuttings or clay returns to the wellhead, you need to use a coarse mesh screen. Generally speaking, when drilling in an open hole with a diameter of 17in and the flow rate of the drilling fluid exceeds 1000 gal / min, it is required to use a coarse mesh screen before using a fine mesh drilling fluid shaker. Finally, the number and type of main vibrating screens used to handle all drilling fluids must be selected. The goal is to get as much unweighted drilling fluid as possible through the finest mesh screen. For heavy drilling fluids, the purpose of using drilling fluid vibrating screens is to be able to use all drilling fluids that can pass through API 200 mesh screens (too thin screens will remove more weighting agents).
Side view of drilling fluid shaker

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