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Application of non-excavation mud purification system technology

Release time: 2015/10/27 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1415

Non-excavation mud purification system technology is widely used in highways, railways, buildings, river waters, and in areas such as water supply, gas, The construction of public utility pipelines such as natural gas, sewage, electricity, telecommunications cables, etc., does not pollute the environment, does not affect traffic, has little damage to the geological structure, is safe and reliable in construction, has a short cycle, does not require transportation and stacking of dirt, low cost, and social benefits And significant economic benefits.
The technology of non-excavation mud purification system is a revolution in the excavation, laying, replacement and repair of traditional underground pipelines. Since it officially entered the engineering construction market, it has become increasingly popular with its unique technical characteristics and advantages in a relatively short period of time. It has achieved great social and economic benefits.
Application field expansion of non-excavation mud purification system technology
1. Set up pollution prevention seepage treatment projects for horizontal environmental treatment wells in contaminated groundwater and strata;
2. Set up pipe sheds in subways, underground walkways, underground garages and other projects to reinforce pipe shed support projects on soft ground;
3. Drilling the horizontal radiation hole in a large-diameter water collecting well, the horizontal water project;
4. Drilling of various drainage holes, anchor holes and grouting holes for slopes, subgrades, dams, etc .;
5. Construction of steel pipe (sheet) piles, micro piles, soil anchors, soil nails, etc. in foundation construction;
6. Emission of gas and exploitation of gas beds.
Non-digging mud purification system

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