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Customer-made mud mixer ready for shipment

Release time: 2015/10/29 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1662

The horizontal mud mixer made by our company for foreign customers has now been produced, and is ready to be shipped at any time according to customer arrangements.

Drilling fluid mud agitator

Mud Mixer Awaiting Delivery

This time, the customer has customized 22 sets of mud agitators, the electrical system is 460V / 60Hz. According to customer requirements, we completed the order within 20 days. Acknowledged by customers.

Mud drilling fluid agitator

Mud mixer before shipment

Shaanxi Aiyi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional solid control equipment manufacturer. It mainly produces shakers, drilling fluid cleaners, sand pumps, drilling fluid centrifuges, etc. It also produces drilling waste equipment, such as drill cutting dryers and drying screens.
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