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Shaanxi Aiyi Machinery became the general agent of KEMTRO in China, Japan and South Korea

Release time: 2015/10/28 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1537

After many days of friendly negotiation between the staff of our company and the person in charge of KEMTRO in the United States, the general agent of KEMTRO in China, Japan and Korea was successfully obtained on September 2.
Since 1990, KEMTRO technology has provided solids control and dewatering equipment to customers around the world. A unique set of core competencies have been developed to make KEMTRO's services leading in solid waste management and control solutions.
By focusing on the unique issues of each customer, KEMTRO has become a world-renowned manufacturer of well control including solid control equipment, and has become a complex and trusted solution provider. Because of this concern, KEMTRO products are sold worldwide.

KEMTRO solid control equipment

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