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Solid Control Equipment for 50DB Rigs Coming Soon

Release time: 2015/10/29 Ai Yi NewsViews : 7490

This time, our company has completed the production of solid control equipment for 50DB drilling rigs, ready to be shipped at any time.
The main equipment to be shipped this time include: 2 drilling fluid shakers, 6 mud agitators, 4 sand pumps

Drilling fluid shaker

Drilling fluid shaker before commissioning

Sand pump

Sand pump before commissioning

Mud Mixer

Mud mixer before commissioning

The drilling fluid shaker, sand pump and mud agitator produced by Aiyi Machinery can be configured according to customer site requirements. Aiyi Machinery specializes in the production of drilling fluid vibrating screens. The hunter series of multiple models of drilling fluid vibrating screens can meet the needs of different solid-liquid ratio drilling fluid purification under different working conditions. The sand pumps and mud mixers produced by Aiyi Machinery are designed for different environments, have high corrosion resistance, and can be used in areas with high temperature, high humidity or low temperature and large wind and sand. Welcome to inquire.

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