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Purpose and significance of drilling fluid solid control system research (3)

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 8242

In the development of solid control system, it should meet the individual needs of drilling users:
In the development of solid control system, according to the requirements of production and environmental protection, the corresponding equipment is selected for special and unconventional combinations to achieve the best solid control effect. As the values of drilling users are increasingly individualized and diversified, this requires products to meet specific usage needs, so that mass-produced products are gradually replaced by personalized, diversified products. Require mechanical products to have no pollution to the environment (including vibration, noise, sewage and harmful smoke, etc.) during the entire life cycle, and require the most effective resource conservation, so that the products have the best comprehensive economic, ecological and social benefits .
Domestic and foreign research departments and manufacturers have adopted the direction of personality and environmental protection in the development of drilling fluid solid control systems. Based on the large number of modular components and the selection of the best universal parts at home and abroad, we will develop products that meet the user's personalization and diversification as soon as possible, increase market share, and make the product the best. Comprehensive economic, ecological and social benefits.
The following problems generally exist in China's solid control system:
1. The screening effect of domestic mud shaker is not good and needs to be further improved;
2. The life of wearing parts of solid control equipment is short. For example, the life of screens with large consumption needs to be further improved;
3. The system reliability is low, and high-performance solid control equipment needs to be developed to improve the system reliability;
4. Poor drilling fluid purification effect, which affects the further development and improvement of drilling technology and process;
5. The system is complicated and huge, and the equipment cost, maintenance cost and power consumption are large.
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