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Aiyi Machinery signs 10 mud mixers with Singapore customer

Release time: 2015/11/20 Ai Yi NewsViews : 3342

The mud mixers sent by Aiyi Machinery overseas are now complete and ready to be shipped after packaging. The customer customized the horizontal mud mixer. The horizontal mud mixer produced by Ai Machinery has the following advantages:

1. The reducer adopts the form of worm and worm, which has good meshing performance and reliable operation.

2. The motor and the reducer input shaft are connected through a coupling, not driven by a belt, and the stirring speed is constant.

3. Good heat exchange performance and fast heat dissipation.

3. The agitator's agitator has large stirring intensity, wider range and high performance.

4. Low noise and durable.

5. Disassembly, installation, operation and maintenance are simple and convenient.
Multiple mud mixers
Aiyi Machinery is a professional manufacturer of mud solid control equipment. It is capable of producing a complete set of solid control systems such as drilling fluid shaker, mud cleaner, drilling fluid centrifuge, vacuum deaerator, etc. Welcome to visit our factory. Consulting Hotline: 029-63611978

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