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Relation between installation mode and motion trajectory of drilling fluid shaker vibration motor

Release time: 2015/10/26 Ai Yi NewsViews : 1491

The motion trajectory of drilling fluid shaker depends on the installation position, vibration direction and mesh number of the vibration motor used. In any case, the correct vibration direction must be determined first.
Unbalanced elliptical track shaker:
The unbalanced elliptical trajectory vibrating screen has only one vibrating motor, which is installed at the center of gravity of the vibrating screen. This vibrating motor is designed in the form of integrated, sealed, belt drive, hydraulic drive, etc.
Linear motion shaker:
Most linear motion vibrating screens use dual vibration motors, which are rotated in opposite directions and installed in parallel. The direction of motion and the inclination of the installation must be determined in advance. This vibration motor is designed in the form of integrated, sealed, belt drive, gear drive and so on.
Balanced elliptical track shaker:
The balanced elliptical trajectory vibrating screen uses dual vibration motors, which rotate in opposite directions and form a certain angle, which is not parallel. In order to obtain the designed angle and direction, the vibration motor must be properly installed. The direction of the elliptical motion trajectory must be inclined toward the discharge port, and must not face away from the drilling fluid mud tank. When the two vibrating motors installed on the linear vibrating screen have different masses, and other installation methods are similar, the motion trajectory becomes elliptical.
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