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River dredging mud treatment system
1 River siltation has increasingly affected the normal functioning of flood control, drainage, irrigation, water supply, navigation and other functions. In order to restore the normal functions of the river and promote the rapid and sustainable development of the economy and society, river dredging and dredging projects have been carried out. The river channel will be deepened and widened through treatment, and the river water will become clearer. The production conditions and living environment of the masses will be significantly improved, and the goal of "clear water, smooth rivers, green banks, and beautiful scenery" will be achieved.

2The river dredging mud purification system produced by Aiyi Machinery is suitable for lake dredging, pond river dredging, reservoir dredging project, municipal pipeline dredging, water station cleaning and dredging, river dredging and dredging projects, and enterprise slag sedimentation tanks. Engineering, drainage and sewage dredging and dredging projects.

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