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Water-based mud does not fall to the ground

Ai Yi water-based mud treatment site installationOne

pre-sale service:

According to the needs of customers, Ai Yi machinery technology and sales staff will provide users with the best matching solutions.

After-sales service, warranty and installation and commissioning services:

Aiyi Machinery provides a one-year free warranty for the products produced, and the company provides customers with the first equipment installation and commissioning and technical training services for free.

Field Service:

If the engineer needs to understand, judge and solve the problem on-site, our company promises to arrange a technician to rush to the scene within 8 hours after receiving the failure.

Economic rescue services:

For domestic users:

The company promised that after receiving the fault report, the company will arrange the engineers to reach the site within 48 hours within 1000 kilometers, and the company will arrange the engineers to arrive at the site within 72 hours within 1000 kilometers.

For foreign users:

Depending on the requirements of each country, the company will arrive at the user's site as quickly as possible.

Accessories supply services:

The company has established certain warehouses and service agencies in China, and will continue to expand service agencies, and guarantee spare parts inventory, and supply customer spare parts in a timely manner.

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