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Shield non-excavation mud purification treatment system treatment is a kind of mud purification treatment machinery developed by the retaining mud used in non-excavation construction.
1 Shield method refers to a fully mechanized construction method in the method of underground excavation. It advances the shield machine in the ground and supports the surrounding rocks through the shield shell and segments to prevent collapse into the tunnel. A cutting device is used to excavate the soil in front of the excavation surface. It is transported out of the hole by an excavation machine, jacked at the back by a jack, and assembled with precast concrete segments to form a mechanized construction method for the tunnel structure.

2 Shield tunneling methods are mechanical and hydraulic, most of which are hydraulic. The hydraulic shield has a sealed chamber filled with bentonite fluid at the working face. Pengrun soil fluid is used to balance earth pressure and groundwater pressure, as well as a medium for transporting and discharging soil. Therefore, there are high requirements for mud treatment. Based on years of design and production experience, Aiyi Machinery's independently developed shield mud treatment system can fully meet the technical requirements of shield construction.

3The shield mud water treatment system produced by our company has the following characteristics:

1: This system includes mud tank, drilling fluid vibrating screen , mud cleaner, and jet slurry mixing device. The system comprehensively classifies and purifies mud, mixes slurry, and transports mud. This system can provide the excavation face confined tank with the required excavation construction in time. The system uses high-quality bentonite to prepare the specific gravity and viscosity of the mud, which can meet the requirements of forming a mud film and stabilizing the excavation face in the highly permeable sand layer .

2: The shield non-excavation mud purification treatment system can timely separate and treat the mixed mud formed by the cutting soil and sand conveyed to the ground, and then adjust and use the recovered mud.
Shield Mud Purification System

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