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Geothermal mud purification system
Geothermal well mud should have the following characteristics:

(1) There is no need to control blowout with high-density mud.

(2) Due to the high temperature of the well, it is required to use a treatment agent that can maintain the mud performance stable above 150e.

(3) In principle, the use of preparations containing heavy metals should be prohibited to prevent environmental pollution.

(4) The slurry with bentonite fine solid phase particles as the main body should keep the solid phase content to a minimum.

(5) Must be equipped with solid phase control equipment.

In the research and development of geothermal mud purification treatment equipment, Aiyi Machinery abandoned the “Saka soil + alkali” original dispersive mud commonly used in the water well market. Dachuan adopted a scientific mud formula for different formations and introduced the concept of near-balanced drilling and completion fluids. Fine-dispersed, non-dispersed low-solid-phase polymer mud and high-temperature resistant mud are used to minimize the mud ratio in the target layer.

The advantage of the geothermal mud purification system developed by Aiyi Machinery lies in the organic combination of advanced and mature technology in petroleum drilling with related hydrology and geothermal construction. Making full use of existing equipment has greatly improved drilling efficiency and shortened the construction period.

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