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  • 泥浆净化系统发往客户现场

    Mud purification system sent to customer site

    Release time: 2017/06/17

    In June, the customized mud purification system was delivered on time and sent to the customer site. The ordered mud purification system is mainly used in non-excavation construction fields to solve the problem of mud storage and recycling at the construction site. The information of the mud purification system ordered by the customer is as follows: 1. Mud tank: 2 sets, 100m³ 2. Vibrating screen ...

  • 不落地系统发往现场

    No floor system sent to the scene

    Release time: 2017/05/26

    Customized miniature non-floor processing systems have been sent to customer sites. The non-landing system ordered by the customer is mainly used to deal with pulp running caused by too much work on site. The information of the non-floor system ordered by the customer is as follows: 1.5 square capacity small tanks: 1 2.Hunter-Mini vibrating screen: 1 3.5.5kw ...

  • 水基泥浆不落地系统调试成功准备发货

    Successful commissioning of water-based mud non-landing system ready for shipment

    Release time: 2017/05/22

    The water-based mud non-landing system ordered by the customer has been successfully commissioned and installed and is ready to be sent to the customer site. The supporting non-ground equipment is for processing water-based mud for drilling. The preparation information is as follows: 1. Mud tank: 6 sets 2. Screening unit: 2 sets 3. Filter press unit: 1 set 4. Dosing unit: 1 set 5. Pump set: 1 ...

  • 热解析项目耐高温螺旋输送器发货

    Thermal analysis project delivery of high temperature resistant screw conveyor

    Release time: 2017/05/18

    Recently, the high temperature resistant screw conveyor produced by Shaanxi Aiyi Machinery has been completed and is ready to be sent to a domestic site. The high temperature resistant screw conveyor produced this time is used in thermal analysis of sludge project. The conveyor information is as follows: 1. Diameter: 300mm 2. Biaxial spiral 3. Blade material: 65Mn 4. With spray system 5. Spray ...

  • 中东项目固控设备现已发货

    Middle East Project Solid Control Equipment Now Shipped

    Release time: 2017/04/17

    Recently, Aiyi Machinery exported 30 agitators, 25 drilling fluid centrifugal pumps and 30 mud guns. This time, it is the use of the matching ZJ70 solid control system ordered by customers in the Middle East. The agitator and sand pump ordered by the customer are matched with well-known foreign brands such as DERRICK, SWACO, BRANT, etc. Therefore, for the performance of the equipment,

  • 含油污油处理设备交付

    Delivery of oily sewage treatment equipment

    Release time: 2017/04/14

    According to statistics, our country has a large number of oily sludge accumulation wells and oil refineries. Very serious pollution to the environment. In recent years, the national environmental protection department has strict inspection standards for oily sludge discharge. In response to market demand, Aiyi Machinery recently launched oily sludge treatment equipment and passed customer acceptance, ...

  • 2套ZJ50固控系统发往海外

    2 sets of ZJ50 solid control system sent overseas

    Release time: 2017/04/11

    Recently, foreign customers customized ZJ50 solid control system has been sent to the port, ready to be sent overseas. This time, the customer ordered 2 sets of solid control system with 50 drilling rigs, including: 1. 4 double-layer high-frequency vibrating screens 2. 2 vacuum deaerators 3. 2 sand removers 4. desilter 2 Taiwan 5. 2 medium-speed centrifuges 6. 12 sand pumps ...

  • 耐高温螺旋输送器服务于热解析项目

    High temperature resistant screw conveyor for thermal analysis projects

    Release time: 2017/04/10

    Aiyi Machinery now introduces high temperature resistant screw conveyors, which are mainly used for thermal analysis of sludge engineering. The oily sludge thermal analysis construction has high standards for the equipment. The screw conveyor introduced by Ai Yi has the following advantages: 1. The use of alloy steel materials, high temperature resistance, high strength. 2. Motors and reducers are from well-known brand manufacturers ...

  • (CSTT2017)非开挖技术暨展会-艾潽机械期待你的到来

    (CSTT2017) Non-excavation technology and exhibition-Aiyi Machinery looks forward to your arrival

    Release time: 2017/04/08

    The 21st China International Non-Excavation Technology Conference and Exhibition (CSTT 2017) will be held at Suzhou International Expo Center. At that time, Aiqi Solid Control will bring the latest R & D non-excavation mud purification equipment to participate in this non-excavation exhibition. The exhibition information is as follows: Exhibition time: April 14-16, 2017 ...

  • 新疆某油田搅拌器交付

    Delivery of mixer in Xinjiang oil field

    Release time: 2016/12/10

    The custom-made mud agitator in a certain oil field in Xinjiang has been completed and ready to be delivered to the customer site. Due to the tight construction period, the customer requested that 20 mixers must reach the construction site within 10 days. From technical confirmation to contract signing and blanking production, 20 mixers arrived at the customer's site on time to ensure Party A's construction ...

  • 含油污泥化学反应釜顺利通过验收

    Oily sludge chemical reactor successfully passed acceptance

    Release time: 2016/10/25

    Recently, Aiyi Machinery has received an order for supporting oily sludge treatment projects. The customer ordered a chemical reactor this time, which is an important part of the chemical hot washing process in the oily sludge treatment project. The use effect of the chemical reaction kettle directly determines the treatment effect, so there are higher requirements for this equipment. ...

  • 配套含油污泥处理设备生产进行中

    Production of supporting oily sludge treatment equipment is in progress

    Release time: 2016/10/13 manufacturers, price: mud shaker

    Recently, Aiyi Machinery has received an order for an oily sludge treatment project. The production workshop is working overtime to ensure that the construction period is completed on time. The equipment ordered by this customer includes: screw conveyor, agitator, double-layer high-frequency vibrating screen and other equipment. Oilfields, oil refineries will produce a lot of waste oil wastewater during the production process.

  • 欧洲客户来我公司考察固控设备

    European customers come to our company to inspect solid control equipment

    Release time: 2016/09/23 manufacturers, price: solid control equipment

    As of September 22, European customers have concluded a two-day inspection of Aiyi Company, and finally signed a cooperation agreement on solid control equipment such as shakers, liquid-gas separators, high-speed centrifuges.

  • 艾潽固控即将参加第九届(东营)石油展会

    Aiying Gukong will attend the 9th (Dongying) Petroleum Exhibition

    Release time: 2016/09/21 manufacturers, price: solid control system

    Our company's equipment has been well evaluated by foreign customers and has been affirmed by customers. At that time, our company will participate in the 9th China (Dongying) International Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment and Technology Exhibition with September 27-29.

  • 艾潽公司祝您中秋佳节愉快,阖家欢乐!

    Aiyi wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy family!

    Release time: 2016/09/14

    Autumn is here, the sky is turning cool, and the wild geese go down to the setting sun; safflower thanks, green forest yellow, do n’t forget to add clothes; desire to sip, enjoy the sun, slang words; Moon reunion, I hope Jun more ...

  • 泥浆漏斗整装待发

    Mud funnel is ready to go

    Release time: 2016/09/10 manufacturers, price: mud funnel of jet mixing device

    This time, there are only two custom-made mud hoppers, but this is the third time for the customer to place an order, which fully demonstrates the customer's trust and affirmation of our products. The composition of the mud funnel: The mud funnel is a jet ejector device designed by combining the venturi tube with the original jet nozzle and funnel. It has a simple structure, ...

  • 钻井液振动筛与泥浆清洁器准备发货

    Drilling fluid shaker and mud cleaner ready for shipment

    Release time: 2016/08/23 manufacturers, price: drilling fluid shaker for mud cleaner

    After a month of hard work, our company has completed the production of drilling fluid shakers and mud cleaners required by customers. Ready to ship the customer-made drilling fluid shaker model is Hunter-MG4, installed with 4 pieces of composite frame screen, the fast tensioning method of the screen has been approved by the user, the use process ...

  • 艾潽机械公司搬迁通知

    Relocation notice of Aiyi Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Release time: 2016/07/01 manufacturers, price: solid control system solid control equipment

    Dear Customer: Hello! Thank you for your strong support and cooperation to our company for a long time. All employees of our company express their sincere thanks! Due to business development needs, our company has been relocated to a new address on June 28, 2016. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you during the company's relocation! Our company will ...

  • 客户考察河道泥浆清淤泥浆净化系统

    Customer inspects river mud desilting mud purification system

    Release time: 2016/07/01 manufacturers, prices: sand purification system, mud purification system, sand pump

    The customer went to our company (Aiyi Machinery) to inspect the river channel silt purification system. The river dredging mud purification system developed and produced by our company has the characteristics of small volume, high efficiency, stable operation and simple maintenance. The river dredging mud purification system is mainly composed of purification equipment (integrated sand and mud removal machine), conveying equipment ...

  • 罐底阀发货

    Tank bottom valve delivery

    Release time: 2016/06/14

    A batch of tank bottom valves were shipped. The tank bottom valve includes an outer tube, a connecting rod, a connecting tube, and a lead screw. The lower end of the outer tube is connected to the communication tube. The connecting rod is arranged in the outer tube. The lead screw is connected to the connecting rod in the outer tube. The connecting rod is connected to the inner bottom of the outer tube. Sealing rubber connection, sealing rubber is sealingly fitted with the valve base, the valve base is inside ...

  • 钻井液泥浆清洁器发货

    Delivery of drilling fluid mud cleaner

    Release time: 2016/05/18 manufacturers, price: mud cleaner, drilling fluid cleaner

    The two mud cleaners ordered by domestic customers have been commissioned and are ready to be shipped. Mud cleaner is a solid control equipment for drilling. It combines the sand remover, desilter and underflow sieve together to achieve the purpose of less land occupation and high energy efficiency. The mud cleaner is mainly composed of a cyclone (now more than polyurethane cyclone ...

  • 液下渣浆泵已发货

    Submerged slurry pump has been shipped

    Release time: 2016/05/11 manufacturers, price : submerged slurry pump for solid control equipment

    The day before yesterday, foreign customers have delivered custom-made submerged slurry pumps in our company.

  • 艾潽机械已获得APIQ1证书

    Aiyi Machinery has obtained APIQ1 certificate

    Release time: 2016/04/28 manufacturers, price: solid control system solid control equipment

    After the hard work and efforts of the company team, and after a serious review by the API certification agency, our company finally met the API quality management requirements and issued an API quality management system certificate.

  • 钻井液固控系统技术现状与发展趋势

    Status and development trend of drilling fluid solid control system technology

    Release time: 2016/04/21 manufacturers, prices: frequency conversion drilling fluid centrifuge solid control system mud shaker mud centrifuge linear drilling fluid shaker drilling fluid shaker drilling fluid centrifuge desilter

    Development of new drilling fluid vibrating screens and variable frequency drilling fluid centrifuges With the development of petroleum exploration and development work, the drilling depth has been increasing and the formations encountered have become increasingly complex, especially the development of new drilling technologies at home and abroad (such as Deep well, horizontal well, underbalanced drilling technology, etc.)

  • 立式钻井液泥浆搅拌器发货

    Delivery of vertical drilling fluid mud mixer

    Release time: 2016/04/15 manufacturers, price: mud mixer vertical mud mixer vertical drilling fluid mixer

    Nine 7.5Kw vertical drilling fluid mud mixers are tested and ready to be shipped. This batch of mud agitators is characterized by a vertical structure and a helical gear reducer. The vertical mud drilling fluid mixer is characterized by a small footprint and simple maintenance. The helical gear reducer matched with the agitator has a long service life; it has a high double torque effect ...