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Drilling fluid agitator

JBQ drilling fluid agitator advantages
1. JBQ series drilling fluid agitator adopts circular-arc cylindrical worm reducer, the axial cross-section is circular-arc cylindrical worm, and the turbine tooth shape is a circle conjugate with the turbine. Therefore, the concave-convex tooth engagement performance is reliable, the benefit is high, and the structure is compact.
2. The combination of reducer for JBQ series drilling fluid agitator and explosion-proof motor is convenient for maintenance, and it is suitable for use in harsh outdoor conditions.
3. JBQ series drilling fluid agitator is suitable for agitating petroleum drilling fluid, with compact structure and small floor area;
4. The stirring intensity is large, the range is wide, and the starting resistance distance is reduced.
5. The motor is horizontally placed, installed, adjusted, and replaced easily.
6. The drilling fluid agitator above 7.5kW adopts turbine worm gear speed reduction transmission, which has the advantages of large transmission torque, stable operation and reliable work.
We can manufacture horizontal or vertical mud drilling fluid agitators according to customer requirements.

The drilling fluid agitator produced by Aiyi Solid Control has a wide range of features, compact structure, small footprint, convenient maintenance, and long service life.

Drilling fluid agitator

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