Cuttings dryer

The cuttings dryer, also known as the cuttings dryer and drying centrifuge, is used in the field of environmentally friendly waste drilling fluid treatment in the oil field. The drill cutting dryer produced by Aiyi Machinery can recover a large proportion of synthetic-based mud and oil-based mud and return them to the mud circulation system. The cuttings dryer of Tangshan Aojie Petroleum has a processing capacity of 30-50 tons per hour, which can reduce the oil content (OOC) of all cuttings to less than 5%.
Drill cutting dryer is mainly used for drilling cuttings of oil-based and composite-based mud. Similar to other solid control equipment, such as drilling fluid shaker, drilling fluid centrifuge, cyclone separator, APVCD-900 drill cutting dryer's processing capacity is also greatly related to mud viscosity. The viscosity of the mud is determined by many factors, including solid content, particle size, drilling fluid type and drilling fluid temperature.
Features of cuttings dryer:
1. The discharge scraper is made of high chromium cast iron, which extends the service life.
2. Equipped with high-pressure air knife, which can effectively prevent the screen basket from being blocked.
3. Rotational speed is as high as 820 RPM, which can form a separation factor of 360G and efficiently separate the liquid in drilling cuttings.
4. Each replaceable optional component has passed the dynamic balance test to meet the balance of the whole machine after replacing the component.
5. Independent oil circuit cooling system, equipped with scientific oil tank cooling system, can effectively meet the needs of use in high temperature environments.
6. The discharge port can be equipped with a screw conveyor to facilitate the transportation of dry cuttings and continuous operation of the equipment.

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