Advantages of using drilling fluid shaker in series

系统中专门处理钻井液中粒径大的颗粒和黏泥。 The tandem drilling fluid vibrating screen is a solid control system that specifically deals with particles and sludge with large particle sizes in drilling fluid. Especially when the surface layer is drilled quickly, or when mud shale is encountered, the use of tandem drilling fluid sieve significantly improves the solid phase removal efficiency. That is suitable for processing high solid phase drilling fluid. High-solid-phase drilling fluids often occur when drilling in large boreholes or when large amounts of clay return to the surface.

The advantages of the tandem drilling fluid shaker combination are as follows:

1) Capable of handling high solids content;

2) Reduce the solid phase load on the fine mesh screen;

3) A finer mesh can be used;

4) Extend the life of the screen;

5) Reduced drilling fluid costs.

系统进本设计有以下3种: The tandem drilling fluid vibrating screen system is designed into the following three types:

1. Independent equipment separated from each other;

2. Combination equipment of multiple vibration forms;

3. Combined equipment in single vibration form.

The choice of design depends on many factors such as site space, site height, nature of drilling fluid treatment, overall cost, and so on.

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