Technical requirements for mud cleaners

Composition of drilling fluid cleaner:

主要由振动筛、除砂旋流器、除泥旋流器等组成,钻井液清洁器结构紧凑、占地面积小、适应领域广、功能强大; The drilling fluid cleaner is mainly composed of a vibrating screen, a sand removal cyclone, a mud removal cyclone, etc. The drilling fluid cleaner has a compact structure, a small footprint, a wide range of applications, and powerful functions;

的处理量,能够满足各种用户的处理需求,钻井液清洁器目前在国内外应用非常广泛。 The capacity of the drilling fluid cleaner can be changed according to the number of the sand removing cyclone and the mud removing cyclone, which can meet the processing needs of various users. The drilling fluid cleaner is currently widely used at home and abroad.

Overall requirements for drilling fluid cleaners:

1. A lifting ring should be provided on the top of the device. During installation, it should be lifted from the lifting position and hoisted to avoid deformation or damage to the device. The base of the device must be installed smoothly;

2. The inlet connecting pipe of the sand removing cyclone and the mud removing cyclone should adopt hard pipe or hose line to reduce the length and bend as much as possible;

3. The screen tension of the vibrating screen should be appropriate, and the screen after installation and adjustment should be flat;

的振动电机和控制箱都应是防爆电气设备,它们的电气联接应符相关防爆标准。 4. The vibration motor and control box of the drilling fluid cleaner shall be explosion-proof electrical equipment, and their electrical connections shall comply with relevant explosion-proof standards.

Mud cleaner

Mud cleaner