Job of mud cleaner

作为固控系统中的二三级净化设备,是由一组旋流器和一台细目振动筛组成,旋流器分别为4″的除泥旋流器和10″的除砂旋流器,位于泥浆清洁器的上部分,下部分为振动筛。 Mud cleaner, as the second and third stage purification equipment in the solid control system, is composed of a set of cyclones and a fine mesh vibrating screen. The cyclones are 4 ″ mud removing cyclone and 10 ″ sand removing cyclone. The flow device is located at the upper part of the mud cleaner and the lower part is a vibrating screen.

。 The cyclone of the mud cleaner is designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation. The separation medium drilling fluid generates a certain pressure and speed through the sand pump and enters along the inner wall of the cyclone. It spirally sinks along the inner wall of the cyclone, is discharged from the bottom flow port, and is separated on the fine mesh sieve falling below. The remaining medium spirals up along the cyclone, and returns to the mud solid control system from the overflow port.