Maintenance and use of drilling fluid shaker

连续振动,如果钻井液振动筛没有振动,就不能清除钻屑。 When the drilling fluid is circulating, the drilling fluid shaker must be continuously vibrated. If the drilling fluid shaker is not vibrating, the cuttings cannot be removed.

1. The drilling fluid must flow through most of the screen area. If the drilling fluid can only cover 1/4 ~ 1/3 of the screen, it means that the number of screens used is too large;

2. The holes on the screen must be repaired or replaced. The holes on the flat screen can be blocked. Install the screen in accordance with the installation procedure provided by the manufacturer. When drilling fluid flows through the screen mesh, the cuttings will Cannot be separated

3. The screen must be replaced as soon as possible. 停止运行,这样就会降低钻井液中固相的清除数量; When the drilling fluid shaker is stopped during replacement, the amount of solid phase removal in the drilling fluid will be reduced;

4. Before starting to replace the screen, put the tools and prepare a new screen. If conditions permit, you can equip an assistant;

5. If possible, it is best to replace the screen when receiving a single root. In some emergency situations, the drilling project may stop the pump (or reduce the pump speed) and stop drilling when the screen is changed;

6. In order to improve the service life of the screen under no tension, each component of the screen tension system must be guaranteed.

7. Inspect the operating environment of the drilling fluid vibration screen isolation element and the supporting parts of the screen. If damage or excessive fatigue occurs, it should be replaced in time;

8. Do not add water directly in the liquid storage tank or the drilling fluid shaker screen. Water can only be added to the next level process;

,哪怕短时间绕过也不行; 9. Unless the circulation returns, the whole process must pass through the drilling fluid shaker , even if it is bypassed for a short time;

10. Clean the screen before each start to prevent drilling fluid from covering the dry screen.

The drilling fluid of the storage tank cannot be directly entered into the circulation system or directly poured into the sand tank. If you do that, it will cause the cuttings to enter the circulation system, and when you start drilling with the next bit, it will block the desilter.

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