Equipment selection for solid control system

设备有 泥浆罐,钻井液振动筛,真空除气器,除砂器,除泥器,中速钻井液离心机,高速钻井液离心机,以及砂泵,泥浆搅拌器等其他辅助设备。 The equipment of the mud solid control system are : mud tank, drilling fluid shaker, vacuum deaerator, sand remover, desilter, medium speed drilling fluid centrifuge, high speed drilling fluid centrifuge, sand pump, mud agitator, etc. Other auxiliary equipment.

Different drilling rigs use different solid control equipment. Generally, for drilling rigs above 5000m, drilling fluid shaker, vacuum deaerator, sand remover, desilter, medium-speed drilling fluid centrifuge, and high-speed drilling fluid centrifugation. These types of purification equipment need to be fully equipped;

For 3000m and 4000m drilling rigs, high-speed drilling fluid centrifuges may not be equipped;

For drilling rigs or workover rigs within 3000 meters, only drilling fluid shaker, sand remover and medium-speed drilling fluid centrifuge can be provided.

Auxiliary equipment in the solid control system is indispensable. At the left end of the solid control system (with the wellhead center as the positioning standard), the mud is dispensed, and the functional process is aggravated. Due to the large number of mud tanks, the drilling rigs and above can be arranged separately for dispensing and weighting.

的选择使用不同,泥浆泵的上水管线伸至除砂仓。 Regarding the feeding process of the mud pump, taking into account that the drilling rig has different requirements for the amount of mud in different well depths, or the nature of the drilling formation, the type of drill bit, the technological measures, the mud system, etc., the choice of solid control equipment is different. The water supply line extends to the sand removal silo. Each mud silo after the sand removal silo is equipped with the water inlet of the water pump of the mud pump. This design can ensure that the mud pump can suck the mud from the silos after the sand removal silo.

Solid control system