Operation and maintenance of sand pump

正常运转不可缺失的设备。 Sand pump is the power source of many equipment in the solid control system , and it is an indispensable device for the normal operation of the solid control system . The safe operation and maintenance of sand pumps are the knowledge that workers at the drilling site must master.

1. Never allow two sand pumps to be opened at the same time on the same pipeline, and never allow air or other gases to enter the sand pump inlet pipeline.

2. The filter at the inlet of the sand pump should be installed in accordance with regulations and cleaned frequently.

3. Never close the small inlet valve to adjust the flow or pressure of the pump, or it will cause cavitation damage to the pump.

4. To reduce the flow of a certain solid control equipment, the method of opening the bypass valve of the outlet pipeline cannot be used, which wastes electricity and overloads the motor. Only some cyclones can be closed at this time.

5. When the pump is started at no load, the valve of the outlet pipe should be closed. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the pump can only run for less than 1-2 minutes in the closed state, otherwise the liquid in the pump will boil quickly. Then the valve on the outlet pipe is gradually opened, and the startup work is not completed until the pump runs smoothly.

6, according to the manufacturer's instructions, the pump bearings should be regularly filled with grease or lubricating oil.

7. Do not limit the flow on the suction side of the pump. Insufficient supply of pump suction pipe will cause cavitation and damage the pump.

时,应让泵与工作设备之间的排出阀门稍微开启。 8. When starting the motor-driven sand pump , the discharge valve between the pump and the working equipment should be opened slightly. Once the pump has reached normal speed, slowly open this valve fully. This will reduce the starting load of the motor and the vibration of other equipment such as pressure gauges and cyclones. The alternate starting method is to completely close the valve before starting, and slowly open the valve immediately after starting to prevent overheating and damage the pump's tightness.

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