Drilling fluid shaker processing mud process

是固控系统的第一级泥浆处理设备,是固控系统的“车头”,主要是将泥浆中大的固相清除,保证后续设备的正常运转。 Drilling fluid vibrating screen is the first-stage mud processing equipment of the solid control system and is the "head" of the solid control system. It mainly removes the large solid phase in the mud to ensure the normal operation of subsequent equipment.

的处理压力,平时调节阀门处于关闭状态。 The mud returns from the wellhead and is guided through the pipeline to the mud shaker logging tank. The mud tank acts as a buffer to allow the mud to flow into the screen uniformly. There is an adjusting valve below the logging tank. When it is large, you can open the adjustment valve as appropriate, and let a part directly flow into the mud tank to reduce the processing pressure of the drilling fluid shaker . The adjustment valve is usually closed.

The mud is buffered into the screen installed on the screen box by the logging tank to remove solid phase particles larger than the screen mesh number. The screen box is used as the carrier of the mud vibrating screen. The mud purification process is performed here. The carrier of the vibration motor connected above the screen box excites the beam. The vibration motor installed on the excitation beam generates excitation force to drive the screen The vibration of the box, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the mud.

中有着重要的作用,是关系到整套系统能否正常运转的关键,振动筛的正常运转给其他的固控设备在后面的处理中减轻了危害。 The drilling fluid vibrating screen plays an important role in the entire solid control system and is the key to the normal operation of the entire system. The normal operation of the vibrating screen reduces the harm to other solid control equipment in the subsequent processing.

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