Purifier solid control system for mud "blood"

是整套钻机系统中最为重要的部分之一,被称为钻井“血液”的过滤器。 The mud solid control system is one of the most important parts of the entire drilling rig system, and it is called a "blood" filter for drilling. Reasonable solid control system can effectively control the solid phase content of drilling fluid, reduce the complexity of the drilling process and the probability of accidents, and is an important technical means to achieve safe, efficient and economical drilling.

、除砂器、除泥器、钻井液清洁器、离心机、钻井液罐等设备组成的,一旦某一设备发生故障或整体配套不合适将直接影响整套钻机性能,增大钻井施工过程中发生事故的风险。 The solid control system is composed of equipment such as vibrating screen , sand remover, desilter, drilling fluid cleaner, centrifuge, drilling fluid tank and other equipment. Once a certain equipment fails or the overall matching is not suitable, it will directly affect the performance of the entire rig Increase the risk of accidents during drilling construction. Therefore, the performance of the solid control system has important practical significance for drilling engineering.

Understand the performance and main characteristics of the solid control equipment, and choose a solid control equipment that satisfies the requirements based on the characteristics of formation cuttings and drilling fluid properties.

故障会引发的钻井施工过程中的事故风险,并作出相应的调控措施。 Through the analysis and evaluation of the overall performance of the solid control system, the potential safety hazards and causes of the solid control system were identified, including the hidden dangers of equipment components at all levels and the accident risk during the drilling construction process caused by the failure of the solid control system And make corresponding control measures. Thereby reducing the risk of accidents during drilling construction and increasing the drilling speed of safe drilling.

Solid control system