Correct installation operation of drilling fluid shaker

是泥浆固控系统中一级固控设备,主要用于去除钻井液中较大的钻屑颗粒,是固控系统中不可缺失的设备。 Drilling fluid vibrating screen is a first-level solid control equipment in mud solid control system. It is mainly used to remove larger cuttings particles in drilling fluid. It is an indispensable device in solid control system. What should be paid attention to during installation and use of drilling fluid shaker.

1. The screen box and the base must be fixed together when the drilling fluid vibrating screen is transported, that is, the locking device must be locked in place, and the vibration screen should be prevented from causing resonance and damage to the machine during transportation

2. When the drilling fluid vibrating screen is shipped, it is strictly forbidden to place other hard weights on the working surface of the screen box to avoid damaging the screen surface.

安装时底座支架应保持水平、牢固,防止振动筛工作过程中出现移动或振动。 3. When the drilling fluid shaker is installed, the base support should be kept level and firm to prevent movement or vibration during the work of the shaker. When installing, leave 0.6 ~ 1m operation channels on both sides of the vibrating screen to facilitate the operation of the staff.

4. The voltage and frequency during the use of the vibrating screen must be within the allowable range of this vibrating screen. If you need to replace the cable or the excitation motor, you must pay attention to the opposite direction of the two excitation motors;

5. The shaft of the vibrating screen should be turned in the direction of solid phase exclusion to ensure that the direction of rotation is correct.

6. During the working process, the working condition of the vibrating screen should be observed frequently by watching, listening, and touching. If abnormalities are found, it should be shut down and checked in time. Check the tightness of the screen daily and the tightness of the conveyor belt every week. If damage is found, it should be replaced immediately.

每三个月应进行一次小修和维护,检修时要检查电机,各紧固件有无松动,拆开振动器清洗检查轴承,油封,磨损严重应更换。 7. Drilling fluid vibrating screen should be minor repaired and maintained every three months. The motor should be inspected during the inspection, whether the fasteners are loose, and the bearing should be disassembled to clean and inspect the bearings, oil seals and severe wear should be replaced.

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