Mud cleaner working debugging

Working debugging of drilling fluid cleaner:

是固控系统中净化设备中的一种,它由进出液管和旋流器组成。 Drilling fluid cleaner is one of the purification equipment in the solid control system. The cyclone is integrated by an upper cover, an upper cone, and a lower cone through a flange and a clamp. The bottom of the cyclone is a flower-hat-type low-flow sand discharge port. The overflow pipe of the cyclone is tightly connected with the liquid inlet pipe and the liquid outlet pipe through a clamp. The underflow port is adjustable, and can be adjusted and replaced appropriately according to the sand content of the drilling fluid. When adjusting the underflow port, you only need to unscrew the adjustment flower cap, replace the underflow sand discharge port, and then screw on the adjustment flower cap. There are liquid inlets on both sides of the sand remover. When one is selected, the other is sealed with a blind flange.

How does a drilling fluid cleaner work?

在钻井液压力范围内,通过进液管,泥浆沿旋流器口内壁切向进入旋流器圆筒体并高速向下螺旋旋转时,产生巨大的离心力场,轻质钻井液由中心的低压区螺旋上升,从溢流口排入钻井液循环罐中,较重的固相颗粒在离心力的作用下被甩向筒壁,在钻井液向下旋转的推力和自重作用下沿旋流器的壁螺旋下沉,从底流口排出并流至筛面,经过振动筛的筛分,钻井液与固相颗粒得到分离,从而起到净化钻井液的作用。 When the drilling fluid cleaner is in the range of drilling fluid pressure, through the liquid inlet pipe, the mud enters the cyclone cylinder tangentially along the inner wall of the cyclone mouth and spirals downward at high speed, resulting in a huge centrifugal force field. It rises spirally from the low-pressure area in the center, and is discharged from the overflow port into the drilling fluid circulation tank. The heavy solid particles are thrown to the barrel wall under the action of centrifugal force, and along the thrust of the drilling fluid rotating downward and the weight The wall of the cyclone sinks spirally, is discharged from the underflow port and flows to the sieve surface. After being screened by a vibrating screen, the drilling fluid is separated from the solid particles, thereby purifying the drilling fluid.

Mud cleaner

Mud cleaner