Causes and solutions of common failures of centrifugal pumps

不能启动或启动负荷大 1.The centrifugal pump cannot be started or the starting load is large

The prime mover or power supply is abnormal. Check whether the prime mover and power supply are normal. Pump card owner, check the coupling by hand, if necessary, perform disassembly check to eliminate dynamic and static failures. Packing is too tight, loose the packing; The valve is not closed, close the discharge valve and restart.

2.Centrifugal pump does not drain liquid

Insufficient pump, refill the pump; the pump is not turning properly, check the rotation direction; the pump speed is too low, check the speed and increase the speed; the filter is blocked, check and clear the debris on the filter; the suction height is too high, or the liquid is sucked A vacuum appears in the tank. Reduce the suction height and check the pressure in the suction tank.

3.The centrifugal pump is interrupted after drainage

Leakage in the suction line, check the connection of the suction side and the sealing of the packing; the filling pump is the suction side, the gas is not exhausted, refill the pump; the suction side is suddenly blocked by foreign objects, stop the pump to handle the foreign objects; inhale a large amount of gas, check the If there is a vortex in the mouth, and whether the submersion depth is too shallow, the pump should be refilled and started after discharging the fault.

4.Insufficient flow of centrifugal pump

Increase the static head of the system, check the liquid height and system pressure; increase the resistance loss, check the pipeline and check valve and other obstacles; wear of the wear ring of the casing and impeller is too large, replace or repair the wear ring and impeller; other parts are leaking Fluid, check shaft seals and other parts; pump impellers are blocked, worn, corroded, and cleaned, inspected and replaced in time.

5.Insufficient head of centrifugal pump

Check the direction of the impeller when the impeller is reversely installed; check the physical properties of the liquid if the density and viscosity of the liquid do not match the design conditions; if the flow is too large, reduce the flow.

运行中功耗大 6.High power consumption during centrifugal pump operation

Impeller and wear ring, impeller and shell friction, check and repair; increase the liquid density, check the liquid density; packing is too tight or dry friction, loosen the packing, check the liquid seal tube; bearing damage, repair or replace the bearing; speed Too high, check the driver and power supply; bend the pump shaft and correct the pump shaft; the axial force balance device is invalid, check the balance hole; the coupling is misaligned or the axial clearance is too small, check the alignment and adjust the axial clearance .

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