Ai Yi new equipment vertical ash tank put into production

Recently, the production of vertical ash storage tanks independently developed by our company has been completed. The vertical ash storage tanks (lower ash tanks, vertical drilling ash tanks) are pneumatically conveyed, that is, with the help of fluidized devices and compressed air as power. The compressed air is passed through the gasification bed, and the ash in the storage tank is gradually fluidized. The fluidized ash enters the tank through the ash inlet pipe, and then passes through the ash outlet through the dish valve. Control the ash output (the ash outlet pipe is equipped with air-assisted scavenging device to eliminate blockage). The ash can be discharged out of the storage tank by using the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the tank, and the ash weight can be controlled by the weighing machine built in the tank.

The vertical ash storage tank has simple structure, reasonable design, convenient and fast installation and operation, accurate dosage and high work efficiency, improves the quality of drilling fluid, reduces the amount of added materials, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, and is conducive to Environmental protection on site.