Removal of mud particles by solid control equipment

Solid control equipment

主要用于清除钻屑等有害固相及回收重晶石等有用固相。 The drilling fluid solid control system is mainly used to remove harmful solid phases such as drilling cuttings and recover useful solid phases such as barite. The solid control system is mainly composed of mud tanks, drilling fluid shakers, sand removers, desilters, drilling fluid centrifuges and other major equipment, as well as auxiliary equipment such as sand pumps, slurry mixing devices, and vacuum degassers.

The mud tank is mainly used to store the mud and the carrier of the solid control equipment. The mud purified by the solid control equipment enters the various chambers of the mud tank and is processed according to different equipment to achieve the removal of solid particles and recovery of barite and purification of the mud. purpose.

General process of solid control system:

Drilling fluid vibrating screen is the first-level processing equipment in the solid control system, which can remove larger solid phases in drilling fluid, and can remove solid phase particles above 74 μm. It is an indispensable device in the solid control system and a leader in subsequent equipment.

用于清除泥浆中的气体,是固控系统中的第2及固控设备,它能够迅速、有效地清除泥浆中所含的气体,除气器对于恢复泥浆密度,防止潜在井喷、井塌危险的发生其有重要作用。 The vacuum deaerator is used to remove the gas in the mud. It is the second and solid control equipment in the solid control system. It can quickly and effectively remove the gas contained in the mud. The deaerator is used to restore the density of the mud and prevent potential blowouts. The occurrence of well collapse risk plays an important role.

The solid control equipment ranked in the third stage is a drilling fluid sand remover. The mud processed by the vacuum deaerator is conveyed into the sand remover by a sand pump. The sand remover sends the larger sand particles (grain size 44μm-74μm). )separate from.

After the sand remover is a drilling fluid desilter, which can be used to remove the solid phase of 15 ~ 44μm, which can further ensure the performance of the drilling fluid.

In some solid control systems that need to save space, a sand remover, a desilter, and an underflow screen can be combined into a drilling fluid cleaner. The drilling fluid cleaner can effectively remove solid particles larger than 15 μm. In some uncomplicated drilling platforms, it can completely replace the sand remover and desilter.

The final processing equipment of the solid control system is a drilling fluid centrifuge, which is mainly used to remove solid particles smaller than 7 μm and to recover barite. The recovery rate is 95 ~ 97%.

全部采用主要用干复杂井况和要求较高的井况,在实际应用过程中,可以跟据钻井作业的需要,采用其中的一级成几级泥浆固控流程。 The solid control equipments are mainly used in dry complex conditions and well-required well conditions. In the actual application process, according to the needs of the drilling operation, one of the mud solid control processes can be adopted.