Classification equipment for deep well solid control system

,形成合理、高效的固控流程,可以清除钻井液中的有害固相,保留有用固相,满足钻井工艺对钻井液性能的要求。 Drilling fluid solid phase control (abbreviated as solid control) system is to control harmful solid phase particles in drilling fluid. By scientifically arranging solid control equipment , a reasonable and efficient solid control process can be removed to remove harmful solid phase Retain useful solid phase to meet drilling fluid performance requirements.

The deep well drilling fluid solid control system uses five levels of solid control. The solid control process is as follows:

First-level solid control-remove large particles. The drilling fluid returned through the bottomhole circulation contains larger cuttings. The drilling fluid enters the vibrating screen through the connection pipe from the wellhead to the 1 # tank. The vibrating screen is used to screen out the cuttings with a particle size greater than 74 μm. First-level solid control.

Secondary solids control-remove gas. The vacuum degasser is a special drilling fluid processing equipment used to remove the gas invading the drilling fluid during the drilling process. It can quickly and effectively remove the gas (including air) contained in the drilling fluid. The degasser is useful for recovering the drilling fluid. It plays an important role in preventing the occurrence of potential blowout and well collapse danger.

Three-level solid control-remove larger particles. 中,除砂器将钻井液较大的砂粒(粒度44μm~74μm)分离出来,完成除砂过程,即为三级固控。 The drilling fluid that has been processed by the vibrating screen enters into the sand remover . The sand remover separates the larger sand particles (grain size 44μm ~ 74μm) of the drilling fluid, and completes the sand removal process, that is, three-level solid control.

Four-level solid control-remove small particles. The drilling fluid treated by the sand remover enters into the desilter, and the small mud particles (grain size 15μm ~ 44μm) of the drilling fluid are separated by the desilter, and the desilting process is completed, which is the four-level solid control.

Five-level solid control-remove smaller particles. The drilling fluid treated by the desilter enters the centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the smaller sand (grain size 2μm ~ 15μm) of the drilling fluid, and completes the centrifugation process, which is the five-level solid control.

All of the five-level solid control are mainly used for complex well conditions and demanding well conditions. In actual use, according to the needs of drilling operations,

Adopt one or more levels of solid control processes. 后的钻井液固相含量,可以完全达到国内钻井作业对钻井液质量的要求。 The solid phase content of drilling fluid after five-level solid control equipment can fully meet the drilling fluid quality requirements of domestic drilling operations.

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