Use of various levels of equipment in solid control systems

In order to ensure that the bottom cuttings are carried to the surface, the drilling fluid must have sufficient up-speed. To this end, the displacement of the drilling pump must be determined based on the diameter of the well and the capacity of the rig. 必须从要清除的固相颗粒范围和处理量两方面考虑。 The choice of solids control equipment must be considered from both the range of solid phase particles to be removed and the throughput.

  • Drilling fluid vibrating screen: Drilling fluid vibrating screen is the first-level equipment to remove solid phase from drilling fluid and must be used throughout the drilling process. 的清除范围由所使用的筛网决定,而其处理量由于筛网规格有关。 The removal range of drilling fluid vibrating screen is determined by the screen used, and its processing capacity is related to the size of the screen. The larger the screen mesh number, the smaller the processing capacity, the smaller the mesh number, the smaller the solid control particles to be removed, and the more solid phases to be removed.
  • Vacuum degasser: The vacuum degasser is used to remove the gas from the gas invasion drilling fluid, and its processing capacity should reach the full flow rate. The vacuum degasser must be placed after the drilling fluid shaker before the sand pump to process the drilling fluid. Because when the drilling fluid contains gas, cavitation will occur in the sand pump. Cavitation not only reduces the performance of the sand pump, generates noise and vibration, shortens the life of the sand pump, but also makes the sand pump inoperable or damaged in severe cases.

The function of the vacuum deaerator is twofold:

The first is to ensure the relative stability of drilling fluid performance, prevent blowouts and well surges, and ensure drilling safety;

The second is to ensure that the cyclone can work normally. When drilling deep, wells and gas-bearing oil wells, vacuum degassers must be provided.

  • Sand remover and desilter: The sand remover and desilter are both composed of a set of hydrocyclone and a fine mesh vibrating screen. The sand remover should be used as the second-level solid control equipment after the drilling fluid shaker to remove solid particles from 44 to 74 μm; and the mud remover should be used as the third-level solid control device to remove 15-44 μm solids. Phase particles.
  • ,主要用来清除钻井液中2~10μm的固相颗粒。 Drilling fluid centrifuge: As the last level of solid control equipment , it is mainly used to remove solid particles from 2 to 10 μm in drilling fluid. The drilling fluid centrifuge is used to recover the barite in the weighted drilling fluid. The treatment fluid is the underflow of the mud removal cyclone; it is also used to remove the solid phase in the non-weighted drilling fluid. Of the device.
  • The drilling fluid centrifuge is mainly used in drilling deep wells and ultra-deep wells. In use, it is very important to choose a suitable liquid supply pump to match it.