Gradual purification of mud by solid control equipment

在泥浆净化处理的时候需要对不同阶段的泥浆进行逐步的清理。 The solid control equipment needs to gradually clean up the mud at different stages during the mud purification process.

When gas invasion occurs in the drilling mud, the mud purified by the drilling fluid vibrating screen enters the grit silo of the mud purification tank, and then the suction effect of the deaerator vacuum pump is used to cause negative pressure in the vacuum tank to make the mud in Atmospheric pressure enters the deaerator for separation. The separated gas is vented to the top of the derrick, and the degassed mud is discharged into the mud tank under the drive of the venting cavity rotor.

When the mud in the solid control equipment is aggravated, the centrifuge will not only remove the harmful solid phase, but also remove the barite, the weighting material in the mud, which will cause the specific gravity of the mud to decrease quickly and increase the weight of the material. A large amount of loss, in order to avoid the loss of material and achieve the purpose of removing harmful solid phases, two centrifuges need to be used in series. The medium-speed centrifuge's liquid supply pump lifts the slurry from the slurry tank through the centrifuge to process it. After the mud into the mud purification tank.

中的泥浆中没有气体的情况下,我们可以将除气器作为大功率的泥浆搅拌器使用,然后保持净化罐内的泥浆不沉淀,在通过振动筛得到净化的泥浆。 In the case that there is no gas in the mud in the solid control equipment , we can use the deaerator as a high-powered mud agitator, and then keep the mud in the purification tank from sedimenting, and obtain the purified mud through a vibrating screen. The discharged underflow is discharged into a special tank at the lower part of the medium-speed centrifuge. It is pumped into the second-stage high-speed centrifuge by a special slurry pump for re-separation. After separation, the slurry containing heavy crystals is returned to the slurry purification tank and maintained. The performance of the mud is stable.

Solid control system