The advantages and disadvantages of mixing equipment in solid control equipment

The mud mixer, mud gun and mud tank in the solid control equipment play the role of mud stirring. Whether the structure design of the mud agitator, mud gun and mud tank is reasonable plays an important role in the treatment of mud by the solid control system.
Mud mixer is a solid-liquid mixing equipment, mainly used for drilling mud circulation system in petroleum mines. This series of products adopts cycloid pinwheel reducer, which has the characteristics of stable transmission, reliable performance, low noise, small occupation area and long service life. In the drilling fluid circulation system, due to the stirring action of the stirring impeller of the mixer, the drilling fluid generates circumferential flow, radial flow and axial flow in the circulation tank to prevent solid phase particles of the drilling fluid from depositing in the circulation system and stabilize the performance of the circulating drilling fluid. .
The drilling fluid mud gun is mainly used in the drilling mud circulation system. At the same time, the equipment can also be used with the drilling fluid mud shear pump to prevent the mud from settling in the drilling mud tank. The solid control system mud gun has a simple structure, flexible operation and convenient use, and is an ideal solid control system. Mud guns are used to provide supplemental or pre-mixing of mud in a mud tank, depending on the quantity used and the size of the tank. It is best used in the corners of the tank to prevent solids from settling. The mud agitator is placed in the center of the tank. In the mud system, the mud gun is also used as a mud conveyer between silos, like a conveying tank silo. The mud gun can be rotated to allow the operator to maximize the efficiency of the mud gun.
The mud gun can be installed for the mixing blind area to assist the mud mixer work. Round mud tanks can basically eliminate these blind spots, but they need mud guns and their supporting components (sand pumps, pipelines, valves, etc.) to form a reasonable tank body.
In addition, the spherical mud tank design and the cube or cuboid mud tank design also have the following characteristics:
1. Easy to clean;
2. There is extra space for pipes and pumps;
3. No further division is needed, because each container has its own separate space;
4. Symmetrical design can ensure good mud mixing.
The square or rectangular mud tank has a blind mixing zone for the mud mixer, so a mud gun must be used. In most cases, a proper mud mixer should be selected to fully stir the inside of the mud tank, and the mud gun should be properly installed to eliminate Stir the dead zone.

Advantages of Mud Mixer

1. Various gear box and impeller combinations of mud agitator can meet most needs;
2. High efficiency in deep and large mud tanks;
3. The agitator can generate appropriate shearing force according to design needs;
4. Stirring mud can expose more mud to the atmosphere, which will help to cool the drilling fluid mud and improve drilling efficiency.
5. Mud mixer is divided into vertical and horizontal, which can be used in various environments, saving space.

The lack of mud agitators

1. Do not mix drilling fluid mud in different mud tanks, nor transfer drilling fluid between two mud tanks;
2. Higher input costs. Compared with drilling fluid mud guns, obviously the cost of mud agitator is higher;
3. Mud mixer requires more space than mud gun;
4. The quality of the mud mixer is greater than that of the mud gun;
5. Need power supply;
6. When the mixing container is a rectangular mud tank or a square mud tank, there will be a blind zone in the stirring of the mud mixer;
7. When used in some environments, the mud mixer may need to be installed with a partition.

Mud Mixer

Advantages of drilling fluid mud guns

1. The investment cost of drilling fluid mud gun is lower than that of mud agitator;
2. Under the premise that sufficient pump power can be met, drilling fluid can be used;
3. Flow can be concentrated in a specific area to reduce blind spots;
4. The weight of the mud gun is lighter than the mud mixer;
5, can improve the shear rate;
6 can be used to transfer and mix drilling fluid between the tank and the compartment.

The lack of drilling fluid mud guns

1. If the drilling fluid mud gun is used alone, many drilling fluid mud guns, pumps and pipelines will be required, thereby increasing the input cost;
2. The high-pressure nozzle on the surface of the drilling fluid mud gun can inflate the drilling fluid;
3. The wear of the nozzle of the mud gun will cause high-speed flow and require more power; if the nozzle is not replaced in time, the motor may be overloaded.
4. If the solid phase has settled and the drilling fluid mud gun is directed at the deposit, the solid phase plug may block the pump, conical cover or drilling fluid centrifuge.
5. The use of mud guns will increase the requirements for mud tanks and related components in solid control equipment.