Common troubleshooting of sand remover

流程中的二级固控设备。 Drilling fluid sand remover is a secondary solid control equipment in the solid control system process. It can separate solid particles between 45 and 74 microns, and ensure that the treated mud is better handled by the next level of equipment.
常见故障、产生原因及解决办法可以让我们更好的使用除砂器净化泥浆。 Understanding the common faults, causes and solutions of the sand remover can make us better use the sand remover to purify the mud.

Fault one: The discharge port is bonded, and the liquid and solid phases are bonded.
Cause: The solid phase is overloaded.
Solution: Reduce the solid phase content: increase the number of sand removal cyclones, check whether the screen is damaged, check whether the bypass of the screen is closed, and reduce ROP.

Fault two: Excessive fluid loss.
A. The supply hydraulic head is too low: 1. The inlet is partially blocked; 2. There is air in the liquid supply pump; 3. The pump speed is too slow; 4. The size of the impeller is too small; 5. The pump discharge line is throttled; Error; 7. Solid deposition in the pipeline.
B. The nozzle is too large.
C. Abrasion of the inner cylinder or nozzle: 1. Work under high pressure for a long time; 2. Normal wear and tear; 3. Incorrect inlet installation.

A. Increase the hydraulic head: 1. Install a filter at the inlet of the liquid supply pump; 2. Adjust and correct; 3. Increase the pump speed if the diesel engine is driven; 4. Increase the size of the impeller; 5. Check the pipeline; ; 7. Clean the pipeline and install a butterfly valve near the suction end.
B. Reduce nozzle size.
C. Correction method: 1. Reduce pump speed or reduce impeller size; 2. Reinstall nozzle; 3. Reinstall.

流器喷嘴不出液,可能情况是喷嘴堵塞或入口压力过高。 Fault three: The sand removal cyclone nozzle does not produce liquid. The possible situation is that the nozzle is blocked or the inlet pressure is too high.
Causes: The mud is too dirty, the solid control equipment works discontinuously; the mud in the sand removal cyclone is dry; the vibrating screen cloth is broken or the vibrating screen is bypassed; the pump speed is too fast; the size of the impeller is too large;

Solution: Turn off the device, clear the nozzle blockage, and remove the upper flange to remove the blockage. Check the vibrating screen cloth, increase the nozzle, and start the equipment during the cycle. If the diesel engine is driven, reduce the pump speed, reduce the size of the impeller, and adjust the valve opening.